Anderson Cooper issues hilarious rebuke of 'big brains' in Trump's Situation Room that came up with the 'wouldn't' excuse
Anderson Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

In his opening commentary, CNN's Anderson Cooper couldn't help but note the absurdity that some of the greatest minds in national security and defense managed to craft such a pathetic excuse for President Donald Trump's display in Helsinki Monday.

"Barely a day after the summit in Helsinki, CNN has learned that Russian spy agencies plan to boost operations against the west," Cooper said at the top of the hour. "I just want the say that again. CNN has learned that Russian spy agencies plan to boost operations against the west."

The news comes less than 24 hours after the president claimed that US-Russian relations had changed for the better thanks to his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When it came to Trump's excuse for his multiple comments that Russia was not the source of the 2016 election hack, Cooper indicated the excuse was laughable at best.

"Top officials met in the White House Situation Room to clean up the mess," said Cooper. "The Situation Room. Where presidents have conducted wars, where they've responded to attacks on this country. It's where President [Barack] Obama and his team monitored the killing of Osama bin Laden. The fates of entire nations have been decided in that Situation Room. Today, however, it was used for damage control in a self-made crisis that sprang entirely from the president's own mouth. Today, those big brains who gather and labor and considered alternatives, those big brains came up with this."

He then played the tape of Trump saying when he said "would" he meant "wouldn't." There was no explanation for all of the other comments Trump made in the press conference or on Fox News about someone else being responsible, blaming Hillary Clinton and demanding the Democratic Party server.

Watch Coopers full commentary below: