Aryan Brotherhood member to spend decades in prison after murdering someone over a housing dispute
Convicted murderer Manuel Miguel Wise. Image via Grayson County.

A Texas man who police described as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang has pleaded guilty to murdering another man who was in a housing dispute with his friends.

Sherman, Texas' KXII reported that 31-year-old Manuel Miguel Wise shot and killed a man named Matthew Williams in a Motel 6 after Williams refused to move out of a room he was sharing with friends.

Those friends called Wise and another man, both described in a police affidavit as members of the Aryan Brotherhood, to help get Williams to leave. Although he was packing up to leave, Wise began shouting at Williams, yelling "I know you" at him. An altercation ensued, and Wise shot Williams in the jaw.

Members of Wise's family claim the convict with a lengthy rap sheet was not a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, and said they were shocked that he murdered someone.

"I can't wrap my mind around it and picture him killing somebody," Wise's cousin Angel Bailey said in December. "I cannot see him doing it, and if he did it it was an accident probably."

"If he did do this, he must have not been in his right mind," the cousin continued. "I'm not for sure but I'm praying to God he didn't."