Atlanta man stabbed teen sister 53 times because ‘she took too long in the bathroom’: report
Keaira Henderson [Photo: Screnshot from Twitter]

On Monday, Gavin Henderson, 27, appeared in court after he murdered his 15-year-old sister because she took too long in the restroom.

Henderson, has a long history of violence. Last year he was released from a Florida prison. He had no where to go, so he moved in with his family in Atlanta.

Police Detective Jesus Maldonado, said he previously stabbed one of his sisters, but the family did not report the incident.

On June 18, the situation turned deadly. No one was home except Henderson, his 15-year-old sister, Keaira Henderson, and their 12-year-old sister. A fight broke out between Keaira and Gavin over the restroom.

Their youngest sibling was the only witness to the murder. “She said there was an altercation about Keaira taking too long in the bathroom, which led to the fighting,” Maldonado testified.

The child called their mother once the fighting began, and she raced home from work. Keaira tried running away, but was unsuccessful. Neighbors heard her screaming: “No! Please stop!”

He stabbed his sister with a 10-inch hunting-style knife 53 times, according to an autopsy report. Once the police got to the scene, they arrested Henderson and filed murder charges.

On Monday, Henderson's, attorney made no arguments on his behalf. Police took him to a jail cell, and the judge said he knew his fate the moment he stabbed her.