Bill Maher completely destroys the 'Pence would be worse' argument in his new HBO special
Bill Maher during his HBO special/Screenshot

Bill Maher is taking a month off from his Friday night HBO show, Real Time.

The comedian spent his first week off in Oklahoma, where he performed an hour-long HBO special.

And in the middle of that special he broke things down to "get serious" delivering a speech with a lighting change.

The subject? The old "Mike Pence would be worse" argument that you hear from some liberals.

"When people say 'Mike Pence would be worse,' I implore you to reconsider that," he said. "Mike Pence is the kind of loathsome Christian hypocrite that if I did not hate religion already, I would start. But Mike Pence is not trying to become a dictator. Mike Pence does not talk about locking up journalists and political opponents."

Pence is awful, Maher said. But he's not someone who is likely to stage the sort of slow-moving coup Maher has warned about with Trump.

"He is within the normal perimeters of Republican awful," Maher said. "He is not the head head of a crime family. He doesn't see things that don't exist—if you don't count Jesus."

Watch below.