Recently, President Donald Trump hired former Fox News executive, Bill Shine, as his assistant to the deputy chief of staff for communications.

Bill Shine’s wife, Darla Shine, has made headlines after tweeting racist remarks. Her bigotry doesn't end on Twitter, CNN dug up comments she made about vaccinations, sexual assault, and women in the military. She made these comments in the early 2000s during a radio show she hosted.

"And you know what, I'm the first person to admit I'm sexist," she said. "I don't think that girls should play on the boys' high school team. I don't think that the girls should be -- I think it's insanity that there are feminists who are stupid enough to fight to go to combat."

Shine continued: "There was just a story with these girls, these women who are upset that they are sexually harassed in the military. What do you think is going to happen when you go on a submarine for 12 months with 4,000 horny soldiers? I hate to say it, but it's true. They should not even be allowed.”

She also made strong comments about the U.S. border. "People can say that I'm a racist and I'm a terrorist or I'm extreme because I want to shut the borders, but right now I'm thinking if we are going to go to a level six, we do need to shut down our borders. We don't let anyone in and we shouldn't let anyone out. We should protect our country."

She also pushed conspiracy theories about vaccines. “So they are here in the United States and their goal, their number one reason for existing here is to make a flu vaccination. And then all of a sudden we have this big pandemic. It almost sounds like it's a setup."

She failed to respond to CNN’s request for comment.