‘You can’t handle this!’: Angela Rye bashes Jason Miller over weak attempt to defend ICE child detention
Angela Rye, Jason Miller, Chris Cuomo [Photo: Screengrab from video]

On Monday, CNN's commentator Angela Rye slammed President Donald Trump's former campaign aide Jason Miller, during a panel discussion with CNN's Chris Cuomo.

While talking about President Trump's zero-tolerance policy and ICE, Rye tired to bring clarity to the complex issues.

"I think the narrative is problematic if you don't understand what the heart of it is. People are hurting. Never mind the fact that ICE is responsible for raids on U.S. soil, and not for capturing people," Rye said.

She continued: "The fact that people are even misaligning which agency's mission is responsible for this. They're not thinking necessarily which individual agency is responsible for this. It's not a matter of a mission, it's a matter of who's responsible for implementing these policies".

Even though Rye had a straightforward answer, Miller attempted to go back to the same rhetoric attacking Democrats.

"They have no replacement plan. Really, what this whole abolishes ICE effort is--It's a big call for open borders," Miller said.

Rye told him that it was untrue, and that he simply can't handle the truth.

"I know you can't handle it all, but it's not real," Rye said.

Watch below.