Charleston nightclub under fire after being busted for whites-only admittance rules
Deco Nightclub [Photo: Facebook]

A downtown Charleston night club has received furious online reviews from customers claiming they experienced racism while at the establishment, reported The Post and Courier.

On Friday, Deco Nightclub, had 200 negative reviews about the employees and company policies that allegedly discriminated against people of color.

The reviews state that employees declined customers services and entrance into the nightclub because they failed to have a membership-only card or adhere to the dress code policy.

Kaitland Paige, a black student at Coastal Carolina University, said she watched a woman entering the club with only a driver's license, after being denied entrance because she didn't have a membership card.

The club also turned away Jarvis Be, a Filipino resident in the area because he didn't have the membership card.

However, on The Deco Charleston website, there is no indication that guests need a membership card to get in. Ryan Medeiros, a white Charleston resident, said they have never asked him for a membership card.

The nightclub also turned away people of color because of their outfits. "[The bouncer] was letting in people who had on flip-flops and shorts, so the fact they're saying it's a dress code issue, that's a bold-faced lie, because I called the club earlier that day to confirm the dress code," Paige told The Post and Courier.

On Friday Deco Nightclub spokesperson released a statement on Facebook saying the company is looking into the allegations and that a few employees have been fired.

"Our management team, partners and employees thank you for your patience and feedback as we continue to improve your experience at Deco," the statement reads. "We immediately discontinue any type of membership program. All current VIP cards, etc., will no longer be accepted or required as a means of entry for anyone, anytime. We have cut ties with employees who are not aligned with our company’s core values of collaboration, communication, and inclusion; and will continue to seek out new employees to better serve you."