Christian blogger blames Anthony Bourdain's death on 'witch' Asia Argento and decline of Christianity

Rod Dreher, a conservative Christian blogger, has dredged up a classic villain to blame for Anthony Bourdain's tragic death: witches. More specifically, Bourdain's girlfriend Asia Argento and her alleged ties to the occult.

In a post titled "The Darkness That Captured Bourdain" Dreher builds the case for why Bourdain's death was inevitable once he got entangled with the witchy Argento, an actress and director.

"Lo, it turns out that his girlfriend Asia Argento is a witch, and not just a casual one either," Dreher writes. "There’s lots of extreme darkness there, right in the open. She flaunts it. Bourdain, the poor fool, was doomed the day he met her."

His post manages to get even weirder, as he widens his scope to Lucifer and the general decline of Christianity in America.

"This is exactly where we are as a post-Christian culture: we have usurped the powers of binding and loosening from God," he wrote. "The Satanists admit what the rest of us cloak as advanced liberty and self-determination."

In response to criticism that it's wrong to blame Argento for Bourdain's decision to take his own life, Dreher clarified that he was not blaming Argento—just the darkness that surrounds her.

"Um, no, I don’t think Asia Argento killed Anthony Bourdain. Come on. I think the darkness around her did an already unstable and depressive man any good at all."

Argento was one of the first women to go on the record accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape, which might be one explanation for why Dreher conjured imagery of scary witches destroying men.