Colbert defines 'no collusion' as Trump's aloha: 'It means both hello and I'm guilty'
Late Night's Stephen Colbert. Image via screengrab.

Late Night's Stephen Colbert has figured out why Donald Trump keeps repeating his "no collusion" refrain — because it's a greeting of sorts.

"For over a year now, his catchphrase has been 'no collusion,'" the host said in a clip from his Tuesday night segment before playing a supercut of the president repeating the term over the months.

"He uses it for every occasion," Colbert continued. "It's like his 'aloha' — it means both 'hello' and 'I'm guilty.'"

The host went on to note that Trump and his legal team have apparently rebranded the ubiquitous phrase to "collusion is not a crime."

Watch below: