Conservative confesses he feels 'silly' lambasting Scott Pruitt when Trump does something 'worse' and more frequently
Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

In a segment talking about Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, conservative and MSNBC commentator Bill Kristol confessed it felt ridiculous calling out his series of unethical behavior when the president surpasses it daily.

In a Washington Post story about Pruitt's latest scandal, Don Fox, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics nailed the White House for questionable ethics.

“Pruitt is the gift that keeps on giving in terms of examples of how senior government officials, particularly in this administration, abuse their power and their position,” Fox said, “and really treat the government’s resources — of which the most valuable are personnel — as personal servants.”

Host Nicolle Wallace noted that more than anything Pruitt seems "against brand" for President Donald Trump.

"I mean, he's against the Trump brand in every way. He's the swampyist guy they've got," she said. "Donald Trump likes rich guys like Gary Cohn. He's always trying to scam everything. He's got his aides putting hotel rooms on their personal credit card. I don't even know if that's legal. He's so against everything that Donald Trump ran on. I won't say believed in, because who knows what he believes in. He's certainly against the Trump political brand. Do you think that at any point will bring -- you know, make his job less secure?"

Kristol said that while he’s seen Trump turn on people, he doesn’t anticipate the president getting rid of Pruitt any time soon. In fact, CNN reported Tuesday that Pruitt begged Trump to fire Jeff Sessions so that he could take over the Justice Department. To make matters worse, if the rumors are true that chief of staff John Kelly leaves, Kristol indicated it might keep everyone where they are for stability reasons.

"Look, it's pretty appalling," he continued. "On the other hand, when Donald Trump as president of the United States, look at what he does and gets away with. So, even I feel silly sitting here being all indignant about the EPA administrator when Trump has done things that are much worse."

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