Don Lemon calls BS on Russian President Vladimir Putin for claiming he didn't know Trump was in Moscow
Don Lemon panel (Photo: Screen capture)

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a joint press conference Monday that he had no knowledge of Donald Trump being in Moscow for the Miss Universe Pageant. It was the response to a question of whether the Russian government has blackmail on Trump.

When asked further about it by Fox News host Chris Wallace, Putin said Trump wasn't important enough at the time to invest in gathering information to be used for blackmail.

That blackmail information, however, seems to be coming out now, according to one guest on CNN's Don Lemon Monday.

GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe explained that the election was the blackmail and the indictments are rolling in from special counsel Robert Mueller.

Lemon fact-checked Trump and Putin saying that Putin had no idea about Trump nor did he care. Trump has bragged about how great Putin was to him during the Miss Universe Pageant, despite the fact that the two never met. Lemon played videos of Trump going on and on about Putin.

But Putin's claim that he didn't know Trump was there isn't accurate either. Putin was invited to attend and meet the Miss Universe contestants through Aras and Emin Agalarov, who sponsored the event. Putin reportedly said that he could not attend because the King of Holland was in town for a state visit

Watch the fact-check below: