'Donald Trump is going there to meet with his handler': US intelligence expert explains danger of Trump's 'Chamberlain-esque' Putin meeting
Malcom Nance on MSNBC/Screenshot

President Donald Trump is going to meet with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who interfered in the 2016 election to get him elected.

Trump has insisted that there be no notes taken about his one-on-one meeting with the former KGB officer, and that he hopes to establish a good relationship.

On MSNBC, veteran U.S. intelligence agent and best-selling author Malcolm Nance said that Trump has a "Chamberlain-esque attitude toward this whole thing" and "was going to lay down."

"Donald Trump is going there to meet with his handler," Nance said. "He is going to meet with someone who he has been worshipping and admiring for years. Not just the last two years."

Nance also laid out a brief history of Trump's troubling dealings with Russia and how he was radicalized by a meeting with the oligarchs.

Watch below.