Donald Trump's ratings drop by 7 million viewers for Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh
Donald Trump with Brett Kavanaugh (Photo: Screen capture)

It was rumored by "annoyed" aides that President Donald Trump picked 9 p.m. as the time for revealing his Supreme Court pick because he wanted his Fox News friend Sean Hannity to score a ratings bump. However, the president's ratings aren't what they used to be.

According to AdWeek, Trump's ratings fell from 33 million for the His Neil Gorsuch reveal to 26 million for the announcement of Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump has been obsessed with ratings both as a candidate and as the president. While running, he touted that he gave late-night hosts their top ratings. He specifically cited Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel for appearing on their shows and scoring major numbers.

He also promotes positive coverage of his administration on Fox News and equates it to the ratings.

He's used ratings as another way of mocking his adversaries. Last year, Trump attacked Arnold Schwarzenegger's leadership as host for "The Apprentice," but the commentary was really more about promoting his own success as the host.

“It’s been a total disaster,” Trump said at a prayer breakfast. “And I want to just pray for Arnold for those ratings, OK?”

It wasn't long after Schwarzenegger announced he was leaving.

He's done the same with CNN, one of his least favorite networks.

Democratic strategist Paul Begala trolled Trump's Supreme Court ratings drop by using one of Trump's favorite adjectives: sad.