Even Fox News thinks Hannity is losing it -- but 'they'd never dare rein him in': report
Fox News host Sean Hannity. (Image via screengrab.)

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has increasingly delved further into the realm of conspiracy theories ever since the election of President Donald Trump -- and even some Fox News executives reportedly think he's going too far.

According to BuzzFeed News, Fox executives increasingly believe Hannity is "going rogue" by putting his loyalty to Trump over telling his viewers anything that even remotely resembles factual information.

According to BuzzFeed's sources, tensions have been running high at Fox lately because Hannity was instrumental in lobbying Trump to hire Bill Shine -- the former Fox exec who had been accused of helping late former network boss Roger Ailes of covering up serial sexual harassment -- as his new communications director.

"Hannity and Trump reportedly speak almost nightly, and Fox leadership harbors suspicions that their top host has spent time bad-mouthing his own network to the president," BuzzFeed reports. "Hannity has maintained his leverage with Fox, in part, through his singular importance to the network’s conservative audience and by continuing to bring in huge ratings."

These big ratings, one source claims, means Fox executives would "never dare rein him in," no matter how much they might personally object to his show's content.

During his radio program on Tuesday, Hannity denied the allegations in the BuzzFeed story and insisted that he has been "so honored" to work at Fox News for the past two decades. Hannity also said it was false to allege that he spends time "bad mouthing" the network during his conversations with President Donald Trump.