Ex-CIA director predicts next Mueller indictments will include Americans
Retired CIA director Michael Hayden appears on CNN/Screenshot

Ex-CIA director Michael Hayden made a bold prediction on CNN Friday afternoon, telling host Jake Tapper that he suspects the next round of indictments by Robert Mueller will include Americans.

The retired four-star general who led the NSA and the CIA said that he does not expect Trump to back out of his summit with Vladimir Putin, but that Trump should confront him.

"This is your chance, Mr. President," he said. "We have solid, forensic, detailed evidence that the president can make use of."

Hayden said that he had long suspected that Mueller's investigation would end in an inconclusive cloud but "the more this goes on, the more I believe we are going to see a widening circle here."

Tapper pushed him to make a prediction.

"In other words, there will be another indictment and Americans involved?" Tapper asked.

"I would not be surprised if this not in the the last indictment we see that doesn't mention an American," Hayden said.

Watch below.