Ex-Trump aide Nunberg accuses Mueller of timing Russian indictments to help Democrats impeach Trump
Sam Nunberg appears on CNN/Screenshot

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg went on MSNBC Friday night to accuse special prosecutor Robert Mueller of indicting Russian intelligence officers to set Trump up for impeachment.

Mueller is "setting up the narrative" that Trump should be impeached, Nunberg claimed.

"First of all, I think this should change the mind of any Republican voter that doesn't want to Donald Trump to be impeached," Nunberg said. "The fact that they would release this indictment before his meeting with Putin..."

Nunberg said he expects Roger Stone to be indicted soon as his own time before the Grand Jury convinced him the operative is "clearly a target."

"I think Roger is conspiratorial," he said. "Roger does not trust the government. I disagree with him. Putin is not my friend."

Watch below.