Family suspects a racist execution after black grandfather is shot point blank in public park
Frederick Taft's sister

In a shocking and bizarre story, a Long Beach grandfather was shot to death in a public bathroom.

What's more, his family suspects that the shooting was racially motivated, KABC reports.

57-year-old Frederick Taft was shot point blank Saturday in a park bathroom, while he was attending a family reunion.

"You go to the bathroom during midday and someone shoots you for no reason?" Taft's sister Cheryl Malonson, wondered skeptically.

Police are still investigating, but noted that there's a racial slur on a nearby park bench.

On Monday, friends and family gathered to celebrate his life.

“That’s why so many people are out here,” Lakisha Porter, Taft’s niece, told the Long Beach Post. “He meant a lot to everybody, just a compassionate individual.”

Taft's niece was mere feet away from the bathroom when she heard gunfire. "“I hadn’t even made it—when he turned the corner to go in—I hadn’t even made it 10 steps when I heard the shots, three times,” Posey said. “And when I heard them I screamed and said, ‘Fredrick’s been shot,’ because I figured he was the only one in the restroom."