Far right congressman Steve King demands Facebook explain why far right conspiracy theory website is losing traffic
Steve King speaks to MSNBC (screen grab)

U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is going after Facebook to defend sites that promote the right wing conspiracy theories and fake news he likes to read.

Speaking Tuesday during the House Judiciary Committee's, "Facebook, Google and Twitter: Examining the Content Filtering Practices of Social Media Giants," Rep. King demanded to know why a right wing site is losing traffic. King specifically mentioned a pro-Trump conspiracy theory and "fake news" website known as Gateway Pundit, run by Jim Hoft, a man whose name has become synonymous with "the stupidest man on the Internet," according to a Google search.

In the House hearing, King challenged Facebook's head of global policy management, Monika Bickert, to explain why Gateway Pundit supposedly "saw its traffic cut by 54%." Facebook, contrary to King's assumptions, does not guarantee traffic to any website.

Congressman King also suggested Facebook uses the Southern Poverty Law Center as an ethics "advisory group" to determine how much traffic a Facebook page or website would receive.

King, again under the false assumption that Facebook is specifically targeting conservative websites to deliver less traffic for them, threatened to support those who want to turn Facebook into a public utility. That's all but impossible under U.S. law.

"Steve King," ShareBlue's Tommy Christopher noted, "suddenly favors big government when it might help fringe right-wingers like Gateway Pundit."

Christopher adds that "King also mentioned Trump backers 'Diamond and Silk,' who lied to Congress by claiming that a Facebook algorithm cut their traffic when an independent analysis showed the opposite."

King is perhaps best known for falsely claiming in 2014 that for every undocumented immigrant in America who is, for example, a "valedictorian," there are 100 who are running drugs across the Mexican border -- and they have "calves the size of cantaloupes."

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