Far-right personalities tout Trump's subservience to Putin as victory for 'global white supremacy'
Charles Bausman, photo via Russia-Insider website

President Donald Trump's affinity for Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has strong racial overtones that far-right activists are praising.

Russia-Insider founder Charles Bausman sat down with Fash the Nation podcast hosts "Jazzhands McFeels" and "Marcus Halberstram" as news broke that 12 Russian agents had been indicted, Angry White Men reports.

The discussion quickly turned to race as the hosts defended Trump's Helsinki summit with the former Russian intelligence head.

"I mean the rhetoric, the level of rhetoric that they have stepped up to describe this historic event is just insane," McFeels argued. "And over what? A friendship with the other largest white country on the planet? I can see why they might have a problem with that, right?"

"Yeah," Haberstram and Bausman both said in agreement.

Halberstram said, "some people are starting to comprehend what potentially this is really about: the nature of Russia, nationalism, the affinity that perhaps Trump and certainly people like us have for Eastern Europe. They’re starting to figure out that this is really a natural alliance in the face of their machine."

“Well our American media’s referring to this great uprising as ‘global white supremacy’ and ‘solidaristic white nationalism,’ so by all means let’s proceed as planned, right?” McFeel suggested later in the episode.

Bausman has praised the Alt-Right and argued that the "unreasonable hostility towards Putin's Russia, particularly coming from the US and the UK, is very much a Jewish phenomenon, and has been for centuries."

"The Alt-Right is helpful in understanding Russia, because it has intellectual heft, and produces a lot of good writing about Russia and Russian relations, much of which is spot-on," Bausman argued. "Pointing out the pernicious effects of the influence of certain Jewish elites on many aspects of American and European society and politics, as the Alt-Right does, greatly assists in understanding how politics really work."

"I believe the Alt-Right will continue to gain traction, simply because they intelligently discuss two sacred cows – the Jewish Question, and, closely linked to it, racial equality in terms of abilities, and the desirability of mixed-race societies," he predicted.

Bausman has also slammed the #MeToo movement.

"Across the board, from Hollywood to entertainment to media to Washington, the poor sods being called out by the screeching harpy mob tend towards a certain ethnicity, not to mention the leading men in the spectacle," Bausman argued. "For all the talk and blather and belly button contemplation that the drama is evoking, no one, outside the Alt-Right, mentions this obvious fact, for it would be impolite."