Former friends of Alan Dershowitz destroy his complaints about being 'shunned' in Martha's Vineyard
Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowtiz on NBC's 'Meet the Press' (screenshot)

Former friends of Alan Dershowitz are firing back after the renowned Harvard defense attorney whined in an op-ed that he was being socially “shunned” for defending President Donald Trump.

Dershowitz is a Democrat who financially supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. He’s drawn fire for defending Trump in the media and espousing a libertarian-leaning view that there should be no special counsel investigating Trump.

Walter Teller, a well-known entertainment lawyer and longtime resident of Martha’s Vineyard, sent a scathing group email to Derschowitz explaining exactly why he’d been booted from the social club. An individual who received a forwarded version shared it with the press.

“You thereby gave Trump an opportunity to use you and your positions in his own defense, to wave you like his pom-pom. How unfortunate for all of us,” Teller wrote. “You defended and gave cover to this president who relentlessly disrupts and destroys all that we value and causes massive and lasting damage to our political system, our courts, our standing in the world, the environment and more. In all of that you are complicit.”

“You proudly announce where you have dined and with whom, going so far as to send out pictures of the menu of your meal with Trump at the White House,” he contiued. “And then you complain publicly when you are not invited to dinner.”

Nicholas Negroponte, founder of both the MIT Media Lab and nonprofit One Laptop per Child, neatly summed up the situation in an email of his own to Dershowitz.

“Well-known 20th century dictators enjoyed the support of public intellectuals,” Negroponte wrote. “Rather than ruin parties, porches, and beaches, let’s just not talk because there’s no issue to discuss.”