Fox News fans turn on ‘leftist’ Tomi Lahren after she speaks out against ‘religious judicial activism’
Tomi Lahren appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Right-wing culture warrior Tomi Lahren on Wednesday surprisingly chided some of her fellow conservatives who are eager to use President Donald Trump's latest Supreme Court appointment to overturn "Roe v. Wade," the landmark ruling that established abortion rights in the United States.

During an appearance on "Fox & Friends," Lahren said that judges should rule by strictly interpreting the law, not because they are on moral crusades on behalf of their favorite causes.

"Implying that we're sending a Supreme Court justice to the bench to carry out religious judicial activism is a mistake and unconstitutional," Lahren said. "It's not what conservatives stand for."

Despite Lahren's insistence that such actions are "not what conservatives stand for, however, many conservative Fox viewers took to Twitter to refute her claim -- and some even accused her of becoming a "liberal" or a "leftist."

Check out some of the reactions below.