Fox News panel explodes when liberal defends Statue of Liberty protest: 'Their day was enlightened!'
Cathy Areu and Gina Loudon on Fox News/Screenshot

A Fox News Channel panel hosted by Jason Chaffetz exploded on Thursday night, as liberal magazine publisher Cathy Areu and conservative commentator Gina Loudon battled over the protestor who climbed up the Statue of Liberty on Wednesday to protest President Trump's immigration policies.

"Where is the outrage today for what happened on the Fourth of July at our Statue of Liberty," Loudon asked. "[It] impeded people who maybe had traveled all across the world and maybe had one day to see the Statue of Liberty and they didn't get to. Or the families who wanted to spend their Independence Day celebrating that way. Their days were ruined."

"Ruined?" asked Areu. "Their day was not ruined. Oh my gosh, their day was enlightened they got to see what Trump is doing to America. Trump is dividing America and they were able to see a perfect example of it."

Chaffetz was incredulous as Areu pointed out that this person was an extremist, just like Trump and his history in the "birther" movement.

"She's breaking the law!" Chaffetz yelled. "She's breaking the law! She shut down the whole place!"

"They're seeing how radically left and socialist the Democrats are right now!" Loudon yelled.

Watch below.