Gay Trump supporter goes crying to the FBI after Grindr shuts down his dating account
Chadwick Moore [Photo: Screengrab from video]

Gay conservative Chadwick Moore thought it was a good idea to complain to the FBI about the dating app Grindr after the company booted him from using the software.

On Twitter, Moore wrote that it was the second time the app shut down his profile.

"Grindr just shut down my profile for the second time this year because under the 'Gender' question (weird AF) I wrote 'There are only 2.' Grindr, which of those four words are 'banned'? So funny!" he wrote on Twitter.

He continued to rant on Twitter about the companies gender policies.

“If trans women are real women why are they lurking on a gay men’s dating app. And doesn’t the whole trans narrative only deeply further the gender binary? So weird,” he wrote.

“We’d love to see your internal company guidelines on postmodernism, gender theory, and banned words. Are you a gay dating app, or another tech firm engaged in thought-policing at the behest of radical, unf*ckable, far-left activists?” Moore wrote.

He even tagged the FBI in his tweet, after complaining about all of the illegal activity that happens on the app.

“I mean, god-forbid someone to challenge post-modernist fake-science on a dating app, the same dating app that is a notorious conduit of prostitution, illegal drug use, illegal drug sales, and the spread of disease,” Moore said.  “I dunno does the @fbi need to look into what happens on @Grindr?”