GOP dentist-turned-lawmaker bizarrely tells FBI's Strzok he's an expert in 'body language' -- and can tell if he's lying
Dentist Paul Gosar of Arizona becomes confused and angry during congressional testimony/Screenshot

An Arizona Republican claimed to be a "body language expert" and delivered a confused speech on American government during hearings about FBI agent Peter Strzok's conduct during the 2016 election on Thursday.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R) is a Phoenix dentist who was elected to Congress in the Tea Party wave of 2010.

He cited his dental experience in an attack he mounted on Strzok, who he accused of clearly exhibiting "bias" because he appeared angry about Donald Trump's vicious insults of the Muslim parents of an American solider killed combatting terrorism.

"I'm a dentist, OK? So I read body language very, very well. And I watched you comment in your interactions with Mr. Gowdy. You got very angry in regards to the Gold Star father," Gosar said. "That shows me that it's innately a part of you and a bias."

The dentist then attempted to deliver a speech about the U.S. government, but because confused and ran out of time mid-point.

"We are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic," Gosar claimed. "That is why we have, ah, uh, two ways, both from an, uh, democracy, voting, and then from, the, uh, where we have the, uh, electoral college."

Gosar was then cut off by his Republican colleague.

Watch below.