Here's what we know about the 5 witnesses getting immunity in exchange for Manafort testimony
Paul Manafort (Youtube)

On Monday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller revealed the names of five witnesses who have received immunity in exchange for testimony against former Trump campaign aide Paul Manafort.

They are Dennis Raico, Cindy Laporta, Conor O’Brien, Donna Duggan, James Brennan, according to Reuters.

None of the witnesses have high public profiles, but all appear to have links either to Manafort's political consulting company or financial ventures.

1. Dennis Raico worked with Federal Savings Bank (FSB), a Chicago bank that supplied Manafort with a $16 million dollar loan, TPM reported. In 2017, Raico was sued for $78,750.00 for fraudulent inducement and breach of good faith covenant over a loan in a property deal.

2. Cindy Laporta is an accountant affiliated with KWC accounting services, which are named as tax organizers for Manafort starting in 2012. The Mueller indictment contains an email chain between Laporta and others regarding Manafort's "Int'l Income Question."

3. Conor O’Brien is primarily cited in the indictment in relation to email chains linked to DMP International. Manafort co-founded Davis Manafort Partners (DMP) in 2005, to engage in political consulting, with staff in the US, Ukraine and Russia.

4. Donna Duggan appears in email chains about Chubb insurance, a Zurich based insurance company that focuses on property insurance.

5. James Brennan: In an email from Dennis Raico to James Brennan sent on December 7th, 2016, the two discussed "moving forward with Manafort's Brooklyn property."