'He's masking cowardice and weakness': Ex-DOJ official slams Trump's foreign policy blustering as a danger to the country
President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un (Photo: Screen capture)

As more evidence emerges that President Donald Trump has been deceived by the North Korean regime, his complete ineptness at developing a proactive and effective foreign policy is becoming clear, as a former Justice Department official argued Tuesday on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House."

"He's a fraud," said Matthew Miller, who is now an MSNBC analyst. "He is the quintessential Wizard of Oz, who blusters and pretends that he's doing something strong when, in fact, he's masking cowardice and weakness. He goes and has these summits where he likes to play on the world stage, but you know, anyone can get a good deal with North Korea if you don't ask for anything in return. Anyone can get a good deal with Putin if you don't ask for anything in return, not only that, but you make excuses and grovel in front of him."

Host Nicolle Wallace noted that Republicans are largely "AWOL" on foreign policy issues, despite Trump's floundering.

"And I think it won't be a big part of the midterms. The midterms will be fought over health care and other issues. But the next Democratic presidential candidate is going to have to figure out a message to project that Donald Trump, because of his bluster and his recklessness and, ultimately, his lying, is making the country less safe," said Miller.

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