'We're hurting': Trump-backing farmer tells CNN his 2020 vote is at risk if president doesn't fix trade
A farmer stands in a field (Shutterstock).

CNN's Poppy Harlow on Wednesday interviewed a Trump-backing Minnesota farmer who told her that he might not vote for the president in 2020 if he didn't find a way to end his trade war by then.

Michael Petefish, the President of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, told Harlow that he and his fellow farmers need to see real progress being made on international trade in the coming weeks -- and he said they would be in a great deal of pain if nothing gets done.

"Trade needs to get fixed now," he said.

When Harlow asked him if he'd still support Trump in 2020, he said, "The jury's still out on that."

"Timing is critical on this trade deal," he explained. "If, in three or five years we have a better trade agreement, that won't matter to most farmers because we're hurting financially now and we won't have the ability to run our businesses in the red for the next several years."

Harlow then asked him if he thought the president's proposed $12 billion aid package took some of a sting off his trade wars.

Petefish replied that it did not.

"$12 billion damage is just sort of scratching the surface of the economic impact," he said. "Are we going to keep pumping $12 billion into the farming economy? We need markets!"

Watch the video below.