WATCH: Sacha Barron Cohen convinces pantless Georgia Republican to fight terrorism by pretending he's gay
Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer fighting terrorism with his backside (Photo: Screen capture)

Georgia state Rep. Jason Spencer is the latest Republican to be duped by Sacha Baron Cohen's new Showtime show.

In Sunday's episode, Cohen convinced Spencer that he could teach the perfect techniques to stop a possible terrorist attack. First, Cohen explained that wearing a burka presents a problem for understanding whether the person wearing a burka is carrying a weapon or bomb underneath.

Cohen explained that the solution is to take photos from underneath the burka's hem, much in the way law enforcement does with cars. Dressed as a former Iraqi soldier, Cohen scrolled through a series of up-skirt photos with the Republican until they reached a photo of a man with a gun strapped to his inner thigh.

"You know this man?" Cohen asked Spencer, showing only a photo of the man's genitals.

"I know that gun," Spencer said.

Cohen's solution for how Spencer could easily get away with up-skirt photos is to pretend he, as a Caucasian, could be a Chinese tourist with a selfie stick.

"Because the Chinese, they always taking the selfie," Cohen said.

Spencer then took his shot at pretending to be a Chinese tourist, including speaking in an accent and saying words he thought were Chinese. These words included "Konnichiwa," which is "hello" in Japanese. He randomly said "sushi," a Japanese dish. "Red dragon" and "chop-stick" were other words he strangely repeated.

The second lesson was how to stop a kidnapping. Cohen urged Spencer to do something that attracts attention. Spencer ran around on the map shouting the N-word over and over again.

Finally, Cohen convinced Spencer that the one thing Muslims fear most is homosexuals and the possibility of being turned into a homosexual. He got Spencer to drop his pants and his bright red boxer-briefs to threaten an imagonary terrorist with his backside.

"I'll touch you with my buttocks," Spencer ran after Cohen shouting.

Watch the video below -- not suitable for work: