Internet unleashes fury on Ron Paul for sharing 'insanely racist' cartoon: 'No excuses or pleas of ignorance'
Retired Rep. Ron Paul, R-TX (Screen capture)

After former presidential candidate Ron Paul shared a racist political cartoon about "cultural Marxism" featuring caricatures of black, Jewish, Asian and Latino stereotypes, Twitter gave him the business.

"Ron Paul, who published hundreds of racist newsletters in the 80s calling black men 'animals' and referred to Martin Luther King Day as 'hate whitey day,' just tweeted (then deleted) this shockingly racist and antisemitic political cartoon," the @YesYoureRacist Twitter account noted.

"The man knows his base," author K. Thor Jensen tweeted alongside a screenshot of the since-deleted post bemoaning "what has become of American culture."

"Make no mistake," another user wrote, "When retweeting this, Ron Paul *knew" this was enormously f*cking racist."

"No excuses or pleas of ignorance," she added.

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