Joe Biden: 'I was proud to see Republicans finally beginning to speak out' against Trump
Vice President Joe Biden talks to Rachel Maddow on Feb. 18, 2016. (MSNBC)

Former Vice President Joe Biden was among many political leaders aghast at President Donald Trump's joint press conference with Vladimir Putin Monday.

In a Q&A hosted by CNN with Juan Carlos Lopez in Columbia, Biden said that the statement "was beneath the Office of the Presidency" and "did great damage to us internationally. And I was proud to see, finally, some my Republican colleagues, finally beginning to speak out about some of the outrageous things being said and done."

The comments come after Biden said something similar on Facebook Monday.

“Congress and the American people must speak out to make it clear that we believe in democracy over dictatorship, that we support our allies and not those who seek to weaken us, and that we will defend our freedom when it is attacked,” Biden said.

“Today our President had the chance to confront an adversary who has attacked — and continues to attack — our democracy and our allies. He could have stood up for American interests and values. He chose not to,” he continued.

Biden noted that he normally doesn't disparage the president when he's on foreign soil but was so shocked by the incident.

Watch the statement below: