Kentucky officer called a black woman a 'wild animal that needs to be put down': report
Former Kentucky police officer Brian Smith [Photo: Screengrab from video]

Newly released records about former Kentucky police officer Brian Smith reveal that he called a black woman an "animal," according to WDRB News.

Smith was on suspension before he resigned in April, and has a history of using social media to promote violent views.

A local news stations requested complaints made against Smith and the police department released the documents on Friday.

The complaints made against Smith in 2016 said he has a pattern of: “deep-seated bias against minority communities. Consider this post on his Facebook page about clothing choices made by mostly black youth.”

The complaint included comments Smith made about a black teen. “ANIMAL! Nothing but a wild animal that needs put down. There I said it,” Smith wrote.

He also made hateful comments towards Muslims. He posted that Madonna should be "beat" for studying the Koran.

Smith posted that someone should take Madonna's microphone and “beat her half to death with it” for studying the Koran. “That’s a lesson in Muslin (sic) behavior for her.”