LISTEN: CNN's Chris Cuomo brings in forensic expert to analyze Trump-Cohen tape

CNN's Chris Cuomo brought on forensic expert, Ed Primo to analyze President Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen's tapes that were seized by the FBI.

The tapes reveal a conversation that President Trump had over a payment of a Playboy Playmate story. "We brought you the secret Trump-Cohen tape last night, and now there is a debate raging about who said what and why. Teams Cohen and Trump disagree on a key part," Cuomo said.

"We enlisted a top forensic expert to do what happens in court cases that hang on audiotapes all the time, and he sweetens the audio as they call it, they improve it to try to make sense out of it," Cuomo said.

Primo said he has been an expert for over three decades.

"This is my 34th year as of May this year," Primo said. "I'm fairly confident I was in the room all day today. I enhanced the recording. I listened to the words and I typed them as I heard them. I didn't know anything about this story prior to starting. So remaining unbiased was a key into the work that I did. And I stand behind what I've transcribed and presented tonight for your show."

Primo said he heard the word "cash."

"I'm hearing the words 'so we'll pay with cash' or 'so I'll pay with cash,' and then Cohen comes back with the 'no, no, no' right after that.

Listen below.