Los Angeles mayor explains how Trump only tackling 'imaginary problems' to CNN's Van Jones
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti appears on CNN with Van Jones/Screenshot

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti appears on Van Jones' CNN show Saturday, where he contrasted the work local politicians are doing with the sideshows created by President Donald Trump.

"In Washington you have imaginary problem and they can't even solve the imaginary problems," he said. "Here, we have real problems: infrastructure, homelessness, traffic. And I think people respect those of us who are collectively that are addressing real problems rather than the imaginary problems out of the White House.

Garcetti gave the immigration situation as an example. Trump created a crisis, he said, then bungled the handling of the crisis.

"Did somebody say they had to seperate children from the their parents at the border?" he asked. "They created that problem and then they can;t solve it... they are creating thee problems, they are picking fights, they are losing friends and allies."

Watch below.