'Maybe jet lag': Fox News’ Neil Cavuto struggles to understand Trump's submissive behavior at Putin summit
Fox News host Neil Cavuto (image via screengrab).

Fox News host Neil Cavuto appeared nearly ready to condemn Donald Trump's acquiescence to Russian President Vladimir Putin during the leaders' joint press conference Monday — but then decided to give him "the benefit of the doubt."

"This had gotta be the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed," the host said on Fox Business interview after the summit. He compared Putin's proposed quid pro quo — an "exchange [of] information from each side's accused hackers" — to a perpetrator helping firefighters investigate an arson.

"I don't know," Cavuto continued. "I'll give the benefit of the doubt to maybe jet lag and time differences."

"But holy moly," he added.

Cavuto later offered a harsh assessment of Trump's performance.

"I just found that Vladimir Putin appeared to run circles around the President and get him to buy––that is the guy standing next to him hook line and sinker––every single sneaky lie and misstatement he has made on this matter," the host said, according to Mediaite.

Watch below, via Fox News: