‘Did he mean no? or no?’: Anderson Cooper hilariously mocks Trump in epic opening commentary
Anderson Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

On Wednesday, CNN's Anderson Cooper mocked President Donald Trump for stumbling over his words when asked questions from reporters about his views on Russia meddling into the 2016 election.

President Trump caused confusion today when he told a reporter "no."

"He didn't say no, I'm not taking questions, no comment, I'm not taking any more questions that would make sense. He just said no, thank you very much, looking at the reporter, who just asked him a yes or no question, and he said it twice, looking at the reporter," Cooper said.

He continued: "According to Sarah Sanders, the president was not, and I repeat, not answering a shouted question. Instead, most believe he was refusing to answer any questions by randomly saying no after that reporter asked him a question. He didn't say no, no more questions. In fact, he went on after saying no the first time."

Cooper then impersonated and made faces during his stand-up about President Trump.

"Thank you very much, no. No.  Thank you. What do you see?" Cooper said.

Afterwards Cooper interviewed CNN's Jim Acosta and they continued to make fun of President Trump.

"Jim, was there any doubt from people in the room the president was looking at the ABC reporter and answering her question?" Cooper asked.

"Anderson, do I believe the press secretary's explanation of all this? No, I don't. That would be my response to all of this." Acosta responded.

Anderson had to clarify.

"Now when you say no, do you mean no, you don't believe her or do you mean no, I don't want to answer that question?" Anderson asked.

"Let me just put it this way. I believe the president was answering Cecilia Vegas' question, Anderson. And I think it's very obvious on that tape. And Sarah Sanders has a credibility problem when she comes into that briefing room and tries to clean things up in that fashion. Her job is not to come into the briefing room and gas light the American people," Acosta said.

Anderson wanted to triple check he heard him correctly.

"She has a credibility problem or hasn't? I just want to be clear. We've had lots of problems with apostrophes in the last couple days," Anderson said.

"I would say she has a credibility problem, and I would not say that she doesn't. I hope that doesn't muddy the water too much," Acosta joked.

Watch below.