MSNBC makes hilarious commercial to sell fake 'Trump's Greatest Words' CD of phrases Trump repeats
Trump's greatest hits (Photo: Screen capture)

In a hilarious fake commercial, MSNBC's "Meet the Press" brought together all of the greatest hits of President Donald Trump's speeches and comments.

"The president has certain words or phrases that he repeats over and over again. You know, it's almost like the president has his greatest hits or something," said Kasie Hunt, filling in for Chuck Todd.

An announcer can be heard heralding "President Donald Trump" as "the voice of a generation."

It then ran clips of Trump saying "I'm the best!" "I'm good!" "A true American legend!" "I went to the best schools, smart guy. Right there. I'm really rich."

According to the fake ad, the clips of some of the president's favorite words are part of "a comprehensive 143 disc set. Like most things for sale on television, the fake ad then encouraged viewers to call soon and they'd throw in two bonus CDs and one of Trump's sound effects, such as, "bing, bing," and "bong."

Watch the hilarious clip below: