MSNBC panel digs into scariest thing about Trump's survival strategy: 'Would follow his base off a cliff—taking country with him'
Nicolle Wallace appears on her MSNBC show/Screenshot

On Monday, MSNBC panelists tried to make sense of President Donald Trump's recent erratic behavior, including threatening to strip former intelligence officials of their security clearance.

Mara Gay, a member of the New York Times editorial board, pointed out that Trump's only source of solid support is his base—which is not good news for the country.

"His base is the only chance that he has at continuing to be president, at continuing to hold onto off of a cliff," she pointed out."And so he will follow his base off of a cliff, damn the consequence for our country."

"He's acting like a caged animal in some ways," she points out.

The panelists agreed that Trump's clinging to his base is a sign of political desperation.