MSNBC's Sharpton reveals that Michael Cohen agreed to interview with him to send signal to both 'Trump and prosecutors'
Al Sharpton (Screenshot)

The Reverend Al Sharpton had breakfast with former Trump fixer Michael Cohen this morning.

Cohen is a former Democrat, Sharpton pointed out, and someone he's known for 20 years.

On Friday night, Sharpton went on MSNBC to discuss the meeting.

"I received a text from him saying he wanted to meet," Sharpton said. "We met at a public restaurant and we spoke for over an hour. He was very troubled and felt in many ways cast wrongly. And I feel he was saying that he had been abandoned by Mr. Trump."

Sharpton said that Cohen did not get into specifics, but gave the impression that he was going to come forward and divulge Trump's secrets.

"He kept saying to me over and over again, 'Rev, I am going to do what is right for the country and what is right for my family,'" Sharpton said. "He was adamant that he was opposed to things that Mr. Trump was doing."

And it's also true that the medium was the message. Cohen meeting with Sharpton was itself a message to the president, Sharpton said.

"Out of all the people he could reach out to, reaching out to me is sending a signal to Mr. Trump and prosecutors that he will not be one who has been fighting for decades on social justice issues," he said.

Cohen is hopeful that this could mark the beginning of the end.

"He said the country is divided. He said this is awful and I want to stand up," Sharpton said.

Watch below.