Neo-Nazi loses defamation lawsuit to Muslim comedian Dean Obeidallah
Dean Obeidallah (photo: Screen capture)

Ohio neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin lost his lawsuit to comedian and political commentator Dean Obeidallah today, according to

The lawsuit said that Anglin posted a false news article claiming the comedian was a terrorist on The Daily Stormer. A federal court agreed that the claim was a malicious attempt to defame Obeidallah, who has a show on SiriusXM Progress and appears frequently on CNN.

The article is filled with screen captures of tweets that weren't real but created by someone to justify the attack on Obeidallah. After the story was posted on the neo-Nazi site, Obeidallah was faced with death threats.

The judgment was in the Southern District of Ohio after lawyers told the court that it was extremely difficult for them to serve Anglin with the lawsuit paperwork.

They explained that they tried to serve Anglin at five different addresses in the Columbus, Ohio area. They reached out to lawyers who had previously represented him. They paid for public notices in a local newspaper and hired a private investigator. None were successful

As a result neither Anglin nor his attorney responded to the lawsuit.

Obeidallah didn't request an amount in damages and judges typically determine the amount during subsequent hearings. No such hearing has been set, however.