'No!' Dutch Prime Minister smacks down Trump in the Oval Office for ranting that tariffs are 'positive'
Mark Rutte meets with Donald Trump (CNN/screen grab)

Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands interrupted President Donald Trump on Monday as he was saying that tariffs against the European Union would be a "positive" step.

During a pool spray with Rutte in the Oval Office, Trump said that he hoped he could "work something out" with EU leaders to prevent the tariffs his administration has vowed to levy.

"If we do work it out, that will be positive," Trump said. "And if we don’t, it will be positive also."

"No!" Rutte interrupted.

"Just think about those cars that pour in here," Trump continued.

“It’s not positive," the Dutch prime minister insisted. "We have to work something out.”

Watch the video below from CNN.