'Racists have been let loose on the streets:’ Ana Navarro warns people of color how to be safe in Trump's America
Ana Navarro, Chris Cuomo, Steve Cortes, [Photo: Screengrab from video]

On Wednesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo kicked off his show by talking about racially fueled events that have resulted in people of color having the police called on them.

Republican strategist, Ana Navarro sounded the alarm on Cuomo’s show and warned people of the steps they should take to stay safe.

“It feels as if every crazy racist has been let loose on the streets of America,” she said. “Cops are getting called because somebody's wearing socks at a pool. Cops are getting called because somebody is barbecuing, because a little girl is selling lemonade.”

Navarro said President Donald Trump’s leadership is partly responsible for creating a toxic America.

“I think the racists feel legitimized, feel empowered, feel that they can do it. I think there's this environment of us against them. There is rampant division, and we're seeing it worse and worse every day.”

She warned people to never leave their house without a smartphone because it is their best weapon.

“I will tell everybody, you know, whites, blacks, hispanics, particularly communities of color, folks, it used to be don't leave home without the American Express, [now it’s] don't leave home without a smartphone that can video. It makes all the difference. The images are what's making people accountable."

Watch below.