GOP candidate accused of being 'devotee of Bigfoot erotica' by Democratic opponent in Virginia House race
Virginia GOP candidate Denver Riggleman and one of the images from what his opponent says is a collection of Bigfoot erotica/Screenshot

A Virginia Democrat is accusing her Republican opponent of being a "devotee of Bigfoot erotica" based on screenshots he appeared to have posted of a Bigfoot with a large penis.

Leslie Cockburn lives in rural Rappahannock County and is running against Denver Riggleman in the state's 5th Congressional district, which includes parts of Charlottesville.

Cockburn, a former journalist turned Democratic hopeful, had previously criticized Riggleman, a distillery owner, for campaigning with the state's GOP Senate candidate, Corey Stewart, a neo-Confederate.

But then she came across disturbing images on his Instagram.

Cockburn said that Riggleman was "not what we need."

Cockburn's post was met with rage by several self-identified progressive white men who to accused her of "kink-shaming" and said that they hope she loses as a result.