Republican gobsmacked by 'intelligent and responsible congressman' who switched to a 'devotee of the Trump cult'
Ron DeSantis (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican commentator Bill Kristol was floored by the willingness of Republican candidates to embrace President Donald Trump beyond the party label.

Jake Tapper's Tuesday CNN panel watched a campaign ad from Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) shown teaching his young children Trump campaign slogans and reading stories about Trump.

"This is what it comes down to. Who is Trumpier," said Tapper.

Kristol joked that it's obviously been translated from the original North Korean, alluding to it being propaganda.

He went on to say that he knows DeSantis, but that he's clearly been captured by the Trump community.

"DeSantis has taken the lead by being much Trumpier to be the governor nominee," Kristol explained. "I know Ron DeSantis. He went to Yale. Captain of the baseball team there. Army veteran. Intelligent guy. This is what has happened to the Republican Party in miniature. A reasonably intelligent, responsible congressman has become a devotee -- or at least presents himself as a devotee of the Trump cult."

CNN commentator Nina Turner called DeSantis a "mini-me" version of Trump and was floored by the use of his children in this way. She warned that a large Latino population in Florida also puts DeSantis in a difficult position for the general election while cozying up to Trump.

Watch the full discussion below: