Republican Rick Wilson reveals what he thinks happened during Trump-Putin meeting: ‘Probably a foot massage’
Republican commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican strategist Rick Wilson said the only thing that happened during President Trump's two hour closed door meeting with Vladimir Putin was a "foot massage."

During an interview with MSNBC's Ali Velshi he said that president Trump acted like a little dog on a collar in the presence of Putin.

"I think a lot of people today saw the real Donald Trump. They saw the Donald Trump, who comes out acting like he's the swaggering alpha male and he sat there on the stage like a whipped dog. I mean, he wanted Vladimir Putin's approval. He didn't care about anything else," Wilson said.

He continued: "He wanted Vladimir Putin to pat him on the head, and tell him he's a good boy and nothing else mattered. He was defending himself with these wild punches trying to bring Hillary Clinton back into the conversation. But it was very clear today who the boss was in that room and who wears the dog collar."

He said that Donald Trump as no-one to blame but himself for how the summit went.

"It is only a feeding frenzy today because Donald Trump dumped a dump truck of chum in the water. He brought this on himself. He sided with Putin during the course of this press conference and god knows what happened in the meeting, probably a foot massage."

Watch below.