Retired general unleashes on Trump as 'unfit to command our troops' in wake of Putin presser
Retired Major Gen. Paul Eaton (Photo: Screen capture)

Retired Major General Paul Eaton couldn't help but observe that any background check on President Donald Trump would have turned up whether Russia had any compromising material on him. Given today's press conference, he unleashed on the commander in chief, calling him "unfit."

Background checks are done for senior officials or those with access to secret or classified documents to ensure those close to important intelligence or powerful people cannot be blackmailed. The president of the United States, however, doesn't have to be screened and does not hold a specific security clearance, David Brown wrote for ClearanceJobs.

Eaton thinks that Trump has been compromised.

"The only explanation for today’s appalling performance by @realDonaldTrump is the Russians have high value compromising intel on POTUS," he tweeted Monday evening. "Something that would have been discovered during any serviceman’s background investigation."

He went on to say that after the display in Helsinki, President Trump "is unfit to command our troops."

Eaton commanded the operations to train Iraqi troops for Operation Iraqi Freedom in the United States Army.