Sean Hannity finally confesses that the 2016 election was 'rigged' -- in front of Trump
Donald Trump and Sean Hannity (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump spent the 2016 election claiming that the election would be rigged. He just assumed it would be done by those who wanted to elect Hillary Clinton. Instead, 17 intelligence agencies agree that it was the Russians who tried to interfere with the election -- and Fox News host Sean Hannity confessed to it Monday to the president's face.

In an interview in wake of his joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Hannity began his show chastising President Barack Obama for telling Trump to quit complaining about the election being rigged and reach out to voters instead. Trump has maintained that the election wasn't rigged in his favor and he won overwhelmingly on his own.

"Everybody in the media is so focused on this," Hannity said during an interview with Trump. "In 2014, in the Washington Times, Devin Nunes said with a certainty that Russia would try to impact the elections. Barack Obama, in the month before the 2016 elections, and I will read and I will quote that no serious person would suggest that you can bring our elections, no evidence that it has happened in the past, which is not true, or that it could happen in this election, and I invite Mr. Trump to stop whining about it and go out there and try to get votes. He said that two weeks before the election."

"He thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win, he didn't want to do anything to disturb it, and frankly, when I won, he said this is a big deal," Trump claimed. "He said, this is nothing, and it can't happen. It is very dishonest. You have to find out who did Peter Strzok report to? Because it was James Comey and it was McCabe, but it was also probably Obama."

Trump went on to say that Obama probably didn't know what was going on. Obama's security advisors have said that he did know. Obama was in an awkward place where if he warned that Russia had hacked the election and inserted themselves, he ran the risk of Trump and his supporters crying foul.

"If you think that Obama didn't know what was going on, if you watch -- and I said it today, with president Putin, when you watch Peter Strzok's performance, the lover of Lisa Page, when you watch that performance, I tell you, I know so many people in the FBI," Trump continued. "These are incredible people. What they are going through, watching this guy, a total phony. How about wheel stopping? Something to that affect."

"They said we will stop him. Insurance policy," Hannity quoted from Strzok's tweets. Strzok said that when he texted that he meant the American people as "we." Clearly, no one stopped Trump.

"And originally, it was the two of them. And he said -- and even the Democrats say that doesn't work," Trump replied.

Trump never accepted Hannity's premise that the election was rigged. However, Putin announced for the first time that he wanted the election to go to Trump.

Watch the segment below: