Michael Avenatti blasts Cohen as 'co-conspirator' fishing for a pardon -- and demands to hear the other Trump tapes
Michael Avenatti on CNN/Screenshot

In response to Michael Cohen's lawyer speaking to CNN Tuesday, Michael Avenatti claimed that Michael Cohen is really just fishing for a pardon from the president.

"Mr. Davis is a good lawyer but his client Mr. Cohen is not innocent nor is he a victim. He is a co-conspirator dishonest thug who continues to refuse to come clean & do the right thing. They are playing you & aiming for a pardon. Where is the rest of the evidence & tapes? #Basta" Avenatti said in a tweet.

Speaking to MSNBC, Avenatti said that his BS detector went "off the chart" and demanded to see the rest of the tapes.

"My BS detector's off the chart right now," Avenatti said. "Cohen could have issued a written statement even if he didn't want to go on TV about what happened here. Where are the rest of the tapes? You don't get to claim love of country and being a patriot unless you do the right thing."

Watch the interview below: