Top Trump-appointee at Veterans Affairs doesn’t believe Ted Cruz is really a natural-born US citizen
Thayer Verschoor [Photo: Screengrab from Facebook]

President Donald Trump's top appointee, Thayer Verschoor previously made degrading remarks about Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) American citizenship, reported CNN.

Verschoor serves as the executive director of intergovernmental affairs at the Department of Veterans Affairs. He is also running in the Republican primary for US Senate in Arizona.

On social media, Verschoor posted multiple conspiracy theories about former president Barack Obama and Muslims.

While working for President Trump's campaign in 2016, Verschoor listed 35 reasons for people to vote for Trump in a post entitled "Why Vote For Donald Trump?"

"He thinks Obama's birth certificate is a fraud [check out his SS#, no draft card/ old passport/ E-verification status, school records [remember his dad isn't American therefore he isn't qualified for the office he's in]," Verschoor wrote on Facebook.

He then made hateful remarks towards Muslims. "He realizes we have a Muslin (SIC) problem in this nation," the post said.

In 2015, he shared on social media that Syrian refugees are "invading our country."

He also supported, false claims that Cruz was ineligible to run for president following his 2016 win in the Iowa Caucuses.

"Cruz is on shaky ground. Can't stand the eligibility test," he said, after finding out that only one of Cruz's parents was an American citizen.