Trump defender Paris Dennard unloads on Conservative who called for dismantling the GOP
Max Boot and Paris Dennard [Photo: Screengrab from video]

Conservative columnist Max Boot upset many people after he called out President Donald Trump for transforming the Republican party into a “white-nationalist party with a conservative fringe.”

On Thursday, Republican strategist Paris Dennard said Boot was full of lies during a panel discussion with CNN's John Berman. "I think that Max has actually just mouthed off a lot of falsehood in the characterization of President Trump and his positions."

However, Boot wouldn't let Dennard finish his sentence before he interrupted. "Can you name one falsehood from what I just said? Can you name one -- you accused me of falsehoods. Could you please list those falsehoods for me?" Boot said.

"First, you said the president referred to Hispanics as animals. I think what he was specifically talking about was the gang members," Dennard said.

"That was the cover story. He uses dehumanizing terminology to refer to immigrants. He also says they feast and breed. That is not a falsehood," Boot responded.

"You accused me of falsehood, and you have not listed a single falsehood," Boot said.

Dennard went on to talk about the so-called growth of the Republican party.

"For every establishment type like Max that chooses to leave the party, there are more and more people that look like me and less like Max, who are joining the party, and that actually like what President Trump stands for and likes his leadership."

Dennard continued to rant about how the GOP has embraced him.

"Max, you can leave and that's fine, but the more people that look like me, and people that look like you, people forgotten are signing onto his message. That's why thousands are standing in line right now to see him at a rally in Montana. They are responding to his positive message."

Watch below.