Trump fired Scott Pruitt without talking to him and had John Kelly do the dirty work: report
Scott Pruitt testifies before the testifies during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works January 18, 2017 (image via Aaron P. Bernstein/AFP).

Donald Trump fired disgraced EPA boss Scott Pruit without even talking to him, the Washington Post reports.

The report is sourced to two administration officials who said that John Kelly, Trump's chief of staff, was the one to call the Environmental Protection Agency chief and ask for his resignation.

This contradicts Trump's own telling of events.

“No final straw,” Trump said. "He came to me and he said I have such great confidence in the administration. I don’t want to be a distraction. And I think Scott felt that he was a distraction.”

Insiders said Pruitt lasted so long because he struck an "adoring tone" with the president, palling around and "lavishing Trump with praise, telling the president he was 'brilliant' and a political revolutionary."